Fight for $15 National Day of Action to be Held November 10th

Tomorrow, November 10, will be a National Day of Action by The Fight for $15 movement. Organizers promise protests and strike actions aimed at employers in health care, retail, hospitality, food service, and other service industries.  Unlike past protests which were aimed primarily at fast food restaurants, many of these events are scheduled to start at government buildings, and could spread to businesses in any service sector because a stated goal of the protest is to “call on corporate CEOs to raise pay and respect our right to form unions without retaliation.” We expect most of the activity to take place in presidential election battleground states outside of New England. However, a protest is planned in Boston.

Protests may well occur elsewhere. Employers with employees in service sector jobs should have a general response plan in place with your on-site management personnel. As always, please contact us if you are impacted in any way by these efforts tomorrow.

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