Litigation Avoidance and ADR

Litigation AvoidanceDespite our considerable experience in employment litigation, the firm strongly believes that the most cost-effective way to “win” a lawsuit is to prevent it from happening. We strongly encourage preventive measures and planning, including:

  • Reviewing employee handbooks
  • Drafting appropriate at-will disclaimers for handbooks and applications
  • Reviewing personnel policies, documents, and practices
  • RIF planning
  • Drafting separation packages and release
  • Supervisor training
  • Providing advice regarding applications, interviews, and performance evaluations.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), which includes both mediation and arbitration, has long been a mainstay for disputes arising under the National Labor Relations Act. Our firm effectively and appropriately utilizes ADR processes as an alternative to costly and time-consuming litigation whenever that option is available and advisable.

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