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NLRB Election Statistics Reveal Union Successes

by Ralph F. Abbott, Jr.

According to Bloomberg’s BNA’s recently-released midyear 2014 NLRB Election Statistics, unions won 69.2% of 671 representation elections held during the first 6 months of 2014, up from 65.5% of 653 elections held during the same period in 2013.

The Teamsters Union was the most active union with 145 representation elections, winning 73 elections, or 50.3 %.  The Service Employees International Union was second in number of elections with 85 and a win rate of 74.1%.  The Service Sector statistics demonstrate that the service industry continues to be a prime target for organized labor.  Employers in the non-health care service sector saw 358 elections with unions winning 76.8%; while health care employers saw 119 elections among their service employees with a union win-rate of 75.6%

In light of these statistics, it is hard to understand the NLRB’s Rationale for its “Quickie Election Rules,” expected to be issued in final form any day, meant to help Unions win an even greater number and percentage of representation elections.

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