At Skoler, Abbott & Presser, we are proud of our proven track record of helping employers comply with equal employment opportunity laws while taking precautionary measures to reduce their risk of litigation. 

In addition to assisting employers to develop legally compliant policies and handbooks, make sound employment decisions, and spot and rectify problems before they become lawsuits, our team also offers comprehensive training programs on a wide variety of topics for employees at all levels of your business.

Our attorneys have a reputation of delivering legally accurate, interesting, and effective training programs to employees at all levels of businesses, both small and large.  Training programs are incredibly valuable to employers.  Having legally compliant policies just is not enough – with the addition of annual and/or issue-specific trainings, employers can reduce their risk of legal liability and exposure to costly litigation.  We subscribe to the notion that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we offer cost-effective training options that can help you reduce your risk for negative publicity, disruptive workplace conflict, and costly settlements and jury awards.

Some of our training topics include:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) and Diversity Training
  • Employers’ Obligations to Provide a Workplace Free from Harassment and Discrimination, and Best Practices for Meeting Those Obligations
  • Employment Law 101 for Managers and Supervisors
  • Supervisor Training – What Every Good Supervisor Needs to Know About Managing Employees
  • Wage and Hour Compliance
  • Best Practices for Workplace Investigations
  • Hire and Fire in Haste – Techniques for Safely Hiring and Terminating Employees
  • Effective Employee Discipline
  • Preserving a Union-Free Environment
  • Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace
  • Performing a Human Resources Audit – Checking Your Employment Practices and Policies for Compliance and Consistency
  • Navigating the Electronic Maze – Employment Issues Related to E-Mail, Internet, Social Media, and Other Electronic Communications
  • Employee Discharge and Documentation
  • Workplace Violence – Prevention, Protection, and Plan of Action
  • Employee Privacy in the Workplace
  • When Is a Worker an Employee?  Avoiding Problems with Temporary Employees and Independent Contractors
  • The American with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Workers’ Compensation, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) – Dangerous Crossroads for the Employer
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled/Handicapped Employees Under State and Federal Law
  • Employee Leaves of Absence Management – FMLA, Small Necessities Leave Act (“SNLA”), Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (“MMLA”), Military Leave, and Other Types of Paid and Unpaid Leaves
  • Social Networking – Challenges for Employers in the Electronic Age

Our attorneys also edit the Massachusetts Employment Law Letter, the only monthly newsletter exclusively for Massachusetts employers.