The expansion of anti-retaliation protection for employees who complain about unlawful practices or engage in whistleblowing activities requires relationships with attorneys who have experience and knowledge in this area. 

Employers must conduct prompt, effective, and thorough investigations when employees raise complaints about discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other potentially unlawful practices.  Using experienced attorneys to conduct the investigation can mitigate risk by ensuring impartial fact-finding and guaranteeing that the employer receives lawful guidance throughout the process. 

The lawyers at Skoler, Abbott & Presser have extensive experience representing clients in matters related to retaliation and whistleblower complaints.  We regularly assist our clients with handling compliance issues, conducting investigations, and defending whistleblower and retaliation cases.  Our attorneys provide thorough, prompt, and unbiased investigations that are designed to discover and report the underlying facts when called on to investigate allegations of workplace misconduct.  When employers conduct their own investigations, our attorneys help devise an investigation strategy and advise on the appropriate techniques to be used and questions to be answered.