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I-9 Form Revised Again: Effective September 18, 2017

by Marylou V. Fabbo

In February, we checked in to make sure you were using the then newest form I-9, which was dated November 16, 2016 and became mandatory on January 22 this year.  Come September 18, 2017, that form will no longer be valid.

On July 17th, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a revised Form I-9.  Employers can begin using it now if they want to, but as of September 18th, the form revised this month will be mandatory.  After that date, prior versions of the I-9 will no longer be valid, and employers who use an older form may be subject to fines and penalties.  While most of the changes to the I-9 are minor and will make it easier for the employer and employee to complete the form, with a new form comes new opportunity for error.  Employers should make sure their  authorized representatives know how to properly complete this new form before it goes into effect.

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