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Planning for PFML

By John S. Gannon, Esq.

On January 1, 2021, some of the most extensive paid family and medical leave (PFML) benefits in the country will be available to employees in Massachusetts. Paid leave will be available to employees who are dealing with their own medical condition, as well as those who want to take leave to bond with a new child.  In July 2021, it will also be available to employees who need to care for family members with a medical impairment.  We previously discussed some of the finer PFML details here and here

It goes without saying that employees in Massachusetts are going to take more paid time off next year, and in some cases a lot more.  Connecticut employers should pay close attention to this trend, as similar paid family and medical leave benefits go live in January 2022 (with contributions starting in 2021). 

Have you been planning for PFML? Hopefully, you have taken steps aimed at legal compliance and planning for more absences. My colleague Meaghan Murphy and I recently wrote an article in BusinessWest discussing “Five Things Employers Need To Know As The PFML Kickoff Date Approaches.”  The article can be found here:  Planning for PFML.  

What about coverage of the new law? Do you know who and what conditions are covered by PFML, and how the leave may impact other employee benefits? How do employees even request this leave? And what is your role in the process as the employer?

If you are wondering about any (or all) of the above, we have you covered.   Our firm will also be hosting a complimentary PFML webinar on December 10, 2020, from 12 to 1:30 PM.  You can register here:  Are You Ready for the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Program? We will be sure to answer these questions, and more. I hope you will join us.

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